Our Services

The word Huckleberry in 19th century slag is used as a response to a challenge or need for a partner you can count on; "I am the one for the job". Huckleberry is committed to partnering with independent business owners to customize solutions for their specific needs from startup to retirement.


Operational cost controls

We have selected the best partners to provide cost savings solutions: Telecom, Energy, Finance, Shipping, Freight, Cash Flow Management, marketing, sales and Media.  

Technology + Growth

Let us share our 30+ years of experience spearheading fast growing companies, as turn around specialists and software selection experts.

Human Capital Management

We are able to build customized HR solutions, provide management training and policy advisement as well as recruit your most difficult positions. 

Business Brokerage

We can help you with your business valuation, sourcing and matching sellers with the right buyers and craft succession paths.